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Self Care is NEVER Selfish - It's Sanity

Clean Beauty Swiss Scrubs help busy moms find time for skin care and a bit of daily pampering. Because when you feel beautiful, EVERYTHING changes.

Handcrafted, they exfoliate, nourish and hydrate your skin like you have never experienced before.

Specifically designed to be used in less than 2 minutes at the end of your shower leaving you with velvety, glowing skin.

They simplify your beauty routine - there is no longer any need for cream or lotion.

Just the pamper you need.

Give yourself the gift of time, you deserve it!

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Rose Scrub


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Love Letters - What My Clients Are Saying

Clean Beauty's scrubs bring the spa experience into your home! They are so luxurious and smell incredible. They exfoliate without being too abrasive on my sensitive skin. They leave my skin with a healthy glow - perfect in these cold winter months. After using, my skin feels so soft and moisturized. I do not need to put lotion on after using, which is an added time saver in the morning. My personal favorite is the Lavender Vanilla scrub. And get this - all of Clean Beauty's products are 100% clean and natural - no need to worry about any toxins or chemicals. Thanks Clean Beauty!


I tried the Cinnamon Sugar Scrub a few months ago and I must say that it revolutionized my body hydration routine. Fantastic because it is comfortable and fast, a massage on wet skin in the shower and so on ... A pleasure also to use it after sports to increase its benefits. I also noticed that the nourished skin reacts better to depilation. I really like the idea of ​​using a 100% natural product; a product that I know is not produced on an industrial scale. I just bought the Pampering Pack and can't wait to try them all !!


I have been using three different scrubs for almost six months, and I am in LOVE! I’m very sensitive to chemical smells and easily react to soaps that are too harsh. These are so natural and gentle, they smell incredible, and give my skin such a lovely and healthy glow. You can see the beauty of the fresh ingredients just by looking at the product. 🌱 Do yourself a favor and try the Pampering Pack to find your favorite. You will wonder how your skin survived the hot summers and dry winters without these all-natural scrubs!