10 skincare mistakes that age you - number 3 will surprise you

I have been a skincare junkie my entire life. I can remember as a 13 year old, all of my friends would buy fashion magazines and take the love tests and study the latest fashion.

I, on the other hand, would be geeking out about some natural ingredient that makes your skin glow.

I was shocked when I opened my spa in downtown Milan and spent my days doing facials that not all of my clients knew the things I knew. My husband calls me a walking skincare encyclopedia!

I, to this day, love watching videos, reading blogs and generally devouring any and all information about how to care for our skin.

I have noticed that there are some misconceptions and general mistakes may even surprise you. In this article I will go through 10 skincare mistakes and no fuss, easy ways to stop making them.

So, without any further delay, let’s get right into it!

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10 skincare mistakes to correct today

1. Not exfoliating enough

I do not hide from the fact that I truly believe exfoliation is the most important step in any skincare routine. The key is to find the right way to exfoliate.

Check out my recent article about the 8 Benefits of Exfoliation.

I created my Clean Beauty Swiss line of scrubs to be delicate enough to use every day on your body (I recommend using them 2-3 times a week on your face). They gently exfoliate with an extremely concentrated combination of coconut oil and either salt or sugar. Check out my selection of scrubs here and pick your pamper today.

Look, I am a skincare junkie and if I have to skip days between treatments or have to do something once a week it’s a guarantee that it will be sitting in my bathroom barely used after 1 year. Hair mask I’m looking at you.

I wanted to take the stress out of your skincare - by using my all natural scrubs at the end of your shower your skin will always be glowing and hydrated, no extra products needed.

2. Sleeping in your makeup

I would be remiss not touching on this important topic. We all know that sleeping with our makeup is the number one no no in skincare.

But do you know all of the reasons why?

By sleeping in your makeup you are blocking your pores - not only the makeup creates these blockages, but even pollution and the general dirt of the day. You risk inflamed skin, acne breakouts and even a stye - that nasty and painful blockage of a hair follicle on your eye.

Unfortunately the beauty industry has told you since the beginning of time that you need to have a special product to remove your makeup. I have tried so many makeup removers and each time I hate the extra step I have to take (use a cotton pad that leaves fibers all over to then STILL have to wash my face).

Hack alert! I have 2 ways to remove makeup and get my face clean before i go to bed.

I always have a jar of coconut oil in my bathroom. It dissolves makeup instantly - even waterproof mascara. I just rub a small spoonful onto my face and then use a warm washcloth to remove. I then continue with my regular cleanser and my skin feels amazing!

Hack number 2 - I will just wash my face twice. The first removes dirt and gunk and the second really cleanses my face. No fuss and no muss.

It’s important to focus on how wonderful you feel after this simple step, if you can do that you’ll never sleep with makeup on again.

3. Not cleansing your skin in the morning

This one is an eternal debate within the skincare community.

I am firmly in the yes camp on this one. Let me explain why.

As we sleep our skin purges toxins from our body. By cleansing in the morning you are clearing away those toxins and bacteria from your skin.

If you are following a skincare routine, you are probably applying a heavier night cream. The excess that was not absorbed by your skin needs to be removed before applying your morning creams and, obviously, sunscreen.

But the most important reason is to spend a minute with yourself as you get ready for the day. The simple act of massaging a cleanser into your skin releases ‘feel good’ hormones - oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin. Taking a moment to really look at your skin and notice if it’s dehydrated, inflamed or irritated can give you indications as to what your body needs that day.

So, take a moment every morning and get to know your skin and what it needs. I promise it is worth it.

4. Not getting enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is the greatest beauty advice in the world. Think about that first look in the mirror when you haven’t slept enough, red eyes, dark circles, and pale, lifeless skin. You might notice some puffiness and inflammation as well.

Your skin needs sleep to regenerate - collagen production peaks while we sleep, as does our skin’s detoxification process. Chronic lack of sleep will lead to more noticeable wrinkles, dehydrated skin due to pH imbalance and dark eyes.

5. Pulling on your skin

This is something that has me screaming at every single Youtube video I watch. I gasp every time I see a beautiful 20 something pulling the skin around her eyes and dragging products, brushes and sponges all over her skin.

Pulling on your skin like that will leave your skin weakened and prone to wrinkles and sagging. Check out my blog How to Boost Collagen Production to see what you can do to make your skin firmer.

Hack alert! The eye area is especially prone to breaking down from repeated pulling and stretching from eye makeup removal, applying eyeliner and the like. Always apply your under eye cream by tapping it around your eye socket, not massaging into the skin. When removing makeup, if your mascara is stubbornly remaining, dip a QTip into coconut oil and pass it across your lashes with tugging on your skin.

6. Not using sunscreen

Sunscreen must become part of your skincare routine every single day. I recently read about one particularly light skinned Hollywood actress who applies sunscreen to even protect her from the rays emitted from the lamps in her home.

While that may be a step too far, I liken the idea of using it everyday to the reason I use my scrub every single day - so that it becomes such a normal habit that it becomes automatic. The damaging UV rays penetrate on even the cloudiest of days so it’s better to just use it every day rather than only on sunny days.

The risks to your skin if you skip this important step, besides the increased risk of skin cancer, are premature wrinkles and really annoying dark spots.

7. Exposing your skin to too much heat

As the weather starts to change and the temptation of hot baths and relaxing in a hot sauna kicks in, try not to overdo it. Your skin will thank you.

Exposing your skin to extreme heat will dry out your skin - which as we head into winter and indoor heating - is the complete opposite of what you want. 

It’s best to limit, or avoid, hot water which dries the skin but even saunas and jacuzzis can stimulate the production of a certain enzyme that will block natural collagen and elastin production.

8. Eating too much sugar

Sorry my friend, but alcohol falls into this category. Before you curse me out under your breath, hear me out.

Sugar is an inflammatory food so it basically makes your whole body freak out. The effects on your skin are immediate. You will be at risk for acne breakouts and skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

In addition, that sugar is going to break down collagen fibers leaving your skin less firm and prone to wrinkles and sagging.

9. Forgetting about your neck and décolleté

I remember my mother watching her TV shows and pointing out the various women who had obviously had face lifts. It was like a sport to her.

She could tell the women who had ‘had work done’ by looking at their neck and decollete. Their skin would be wrinkled and would show the star’s age.

Because the skin there is very thin, delicate and exposed to the sun’s rays, it deserves special attention.

Use richer skin creams - I always use my face creams and serums on this area.

10. Letting skin become dehydrated

Allowing your skin to become dehydrated it the mistake that ages you the most. It leaves your skin looking sallow and tired. It makes your eyes look sunken in and dark circles become prominent.

It is important to drink enough water. Not a fan? Eat more fruits and vegetables with a high water content. Herbal teas are a wonderful remedy, green tea will even give your skin an antioxidant boost. Stay away from alcohol and caffeinated beverages which will dry your skin out even further.

Make certain to consistently exfoliate with a Clean Beauty Swiss scrub and to apply creams that hydrate your skin effectively.


By creating some skin healthy habits, you can keep your skin fresh and youthful looking without ever really having to work too hard.

I believe in the simplicity of good skin care. Do not be afraid after watching some of these influencers that use a million products.

I am a bit of a skincare rebel - while everyone else is looking forward, and talking about technological advances in machines and ingredients, I prefer to look to the past.

Our grandmothers had gorgeous skin. They had a simplified skincare routine, cleanse, moisturize and repeat. They used ingredients like olive oil and yogurt as a face mask.

I know so many busy moms who feel overwhelmed by the idea of caring for their skin. There is so much advice and so many products.

So, let’s take things slowly. Make a commitment to yourself today. Commit to avoiding these 10 skincare mistakes. Commit to getting to know your skin and understanding what it needs and what makes YOU feel amazing. Not so that you can become the next supermodel, but so that YOU feel great about yourself. So that you spend a minute or 2 on yourself every day, so that you hold your head high and conquer your day. You are worth it and you dereve to feel beautiful.

Until next time my dear friend, as always sending you love and light,

Kate xoxox

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