11 reasons to Use a Scrub Daily

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I am going to go completely out on a limb here.

My colleagues in the beauty industry are going to say that I am crazy.

But I will stand firm. My point of view is somewhat controversial but I truly believe that I am right.

Here it is - for beautiful skin that stands the test of time and resists the signs of ageing you should be using a body scrub every single day.

There I said it!

Now that it’s out in the open, let me explain more specifically exactly what I am talking about.

First of all, I am not talking about using any old industrially produced scrub that you’d find in the supermarket. All that those scrubs do is scratch your skin leaving it dry and irritated.

No, I am talking about scrubs that exfoliate effectively but delicately and hydrate your skin deep down.

For example, Clean Beauty Swiss scrubs which I developed specifically to be used every day and to eliminate the need for any creams or lotions after your shower.

And now, let’s get right to my list of 11 reasons you should be exfoliating every single day.

Why You Should Use a Scrub Every Day

Prevent and Reduce Cellulite

Cellulite is somewhat inevitable. Over 80% of women have it - even the thinnest among us can lose the battle.

That being said, cellulite has nothing really to do with weight and a lot to do with circulation and how firm your skin is. 

Cellulite is essentially fat tissue which is stored near the skin surface. This fat tissue is more visible when the skin is a bit relaxed (something that happens over time) and when water retention makes the dimples deeper and more noticeable.

Regular application of a scrub will drain some of the water retention in that fat tissue. In addition by increasing circulation and bringing oxygenated, nutrient rich blood flow to the skin surface, the skin will become firmer and more elastic.

My Coffee Chili Pepper Scrub was specifically designed to fight the appearance of cellulite. The powerful combination of caffeine and chili pepper will leave your skin noticeably firmer and smoother in a matter of just days. No need for a complicated addition to your beauty routine, just apply the scrub at the end of your shower, gently massaging into your skin, rinse and you are ready to go!

Stimulate Collagen Synthesis

Another fun fact of ageing, from the time we turn 30 our collagen production decreases every single year. Collagen is one of the most important and abundant proteins in our body, one of the building blocks of your skin.

As time passes and production is decreased your skin can lose its tone and begin to sag and wrinkle, surefire signs of ageing that are difficult to correct once they have started.

While many beauty companies have sold various formulations of creams, serums and face masks loaded with collagen, they don’t actually work.

Collagen when applied to the skin surface cannot properly penetrate the epidermis - the molecules are too large. So, that special cream that has a special price tag literally cannot perform as promised.

Daily exfoliation actually promotes the production of collagen!

Using a hydrating scrub like Rose Scrub which gently exfoliates with sea salt, helping to draw out impurities and toxins, rose petals nourish and protect delicate skin and coconut oil hydrates and plumps fine lines, will give you radiant, youthful skin all year long.

Stimulate Blood Flow

Every time that you exfoliate your skin becomes a bit red right? When you apply a scrub, you are manually bringing increased blood flow to the skin surface.

That increased blood flow does a world of good for your skin. The more you can increase blood flow, the fresher and more radiant your skin will look.

In addition, the nutrients and antioxidants present in your skin will protect and repair damage caused by sun, poor diet and even pollution.

The better circulation you have, the plumper your skin is, helping fine lines and wrinkles to disappear.

woman relaxing in bathtub with coffee scrub on her legs

Stimulate Lymphatic Circulation

Our lymph nodes are a circulatory system designed to identify toxins and remove them. When circulation is poor, those throughways become blocked and toxins are not effectively removed.

Applying a scrub over your whole body daily will help to stimulate that lymphatic drainage. In turn you will see a significant improvement in skin radiance as toxins are being flushed out and even water retention is dramatically reduced.

Heal Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are essentially rips to the epidermis from within the skin due to rapid growth. The growth forces the skin to stretch past its capability (think of a balloon that pops because it gets blown up too much) which is why they often leave their mark during pregnancy and growth spurts.

By increasing blood flow, increasing collagen production and improving the overall texture of your skin, your stretch marks will lighten and eventually disappear.

For a Golden Tan

Exfoliation is critical to getting that drool worthy golden tan this summer.

In the hot summer months skin cell turnover is more frequent. Your skin is constantly at war with the elements - sun, heat, salty or chlorinated water to name a few. Plus, I don’t know about you, but I am known to indulge in a spritz or 2 more often during the gorgeous summer evenings.

Dead skin cells will ruin your tan leaving it dull and blotchy. By continuously removing that layer of dead skin, fresh healthy cells will absorb more of the sun’s glorious rays. I promise you this, if you exfoliate all summer long (I do it literally every day) your tan will even last way into fall - especially if you have tanned safely using SPF 50 every time you are in the sun.

A Powerful Anti Age Beauty Treatment

As we age, our cellular turnover slows down dramatically. That’s why when your kid gets a big cut, over time the scar fades and is barely noticeable, but if you were to simply get scratched playing with the dog, that scratch can actually be noticeable for a few months!

With regular exfoliation you can actually keep that cell turnover high. By removing the dead skin cells, you can trick your body into producing at a much higher rate.

That is going to keep your skin firmer and more toned, in turn keeping you looking younger and fresher than your non exfoliating friends!

Minimize Acne Breakouts

Exfoliation is critical for skin that tends to break out or be acne prone. By exfoliating regularly you keep your pores open and prevent the blockages that cause those breakouts.

Your skin can be blocked by so many things - makeup that wasn’t removed, dirt and sweat that sticks to your face during the day and dead skin cells which accumulate.

By exfoliating regularly - on your face you should exfoliate every other day - you will help keep those pores open and clear.

One important thing to remember - especially if you have acne prone skin, skip the harsh scrubs. It’s really important to be gentle with acne prone skin. Using harsh and abrasive cleansers and scrubs, while it might seem logical, are actually going to create oilier skin and will likely be the cause of breakouts (more on the how and why in another blog!).

Stick with gentle exfoliants and use them consistently.

Improve the Hydration of your Skin

If exfoliation is not a fundamental part of your skincare routine your skin is likely dehydrated, even if you are moisturizing every day.

Exfoliation removes the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin. If they are not manually removed they form a layer of dead cells that basically act as a sponge on top of your healthy, fresh skin cells. Any product that you apply - creams and lotions for example, gets absorbed by the dead skin cells and never actually gets to the healthy skin underneath.

This is extremely important to remember for your face. We spend most of our beauty budget on face creams and serums, but if you are not exfoliating regularly not even Le Mer will be able to work its magic and you are literally throwing money down the drain.

Dark Spots, Acne Scars Lightened

One of my most frustrating age-related skin problems is the appearance of dark spots on my face. I know some friends and family that suffered  acne when they were younger and those annoying dark acne scars make them crazy.

By exfoliating regularly, these annoying little spots can be completely erased. Exfoliants remove the dead cells that accumulate over time and smooth out your skin’s texture.

As already discussed, cellular production is stimulated and collagen is increased. Another important factor is that by exfoliating, blood flow is increased bringing oxygenated, nutrient rich blood to the surface helping to repair and smooth from within.

Waxing becomes less Painful and more Effective

Summer means short shorts, bikinis and sun dresses. Which means regular appointments at the aesthetician for regular waxing.

Exfoliation is critical to get the best wax possible. By removing the layer of dead skin cells, your aesthetician will be able to get the wax much closer to the root of the hair making breakage much less likely. You will have fewer ingrown hairs making your summer looks radiant and glowing as ever.

Plus, as an added bonus, your wax will be much less painful for a couple of reasons. There will be less ripping the wax off. Essentially by exfoliating first, you won’t be ripping off the layer of dead skin cells as she rips off the wax. That healthy fresh skin is much better to resist the violent waxing experience and you will notice the difference. In addition your hair will grow back finer and softer making removal less traumatic.


My beauty industry colleagues will say that exfoliating every day is excessive.

I beg to differ. I think exfoliation is the absolute number one beauty treatment to keep your skin fresh and youthful.

Unfortunately such a simple part of a beauty routine, it is undervalued and people forget just how important it is.

As you can see from this list, which is hardly complete, there are just so many benefits to exfoliating that it should be the base upon which a beauty routine is created.

I developed Clean Beauty Swiss to make daily exfoliation a pampering session. No harsh perfumes, no scratchy beads, and each made with luscious coconut oil to hydrate your skin deep down.

I specifically developed them to be used every day - to not have to use valuable brain power trying to recall the last time you scrubbed. It should become a daily habit, without any second thoughts. Wash, shampoo, conditioner, scrub. At the end of your shower you are left with soft velvety skin that will positively glow.

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