5 Reasons to Use a Scrub

It’s a fabulous feeling to look in the mirror to see your skin polished and clean, to have that youthful glow.

Scrubs have been used throughout history using natural ingredients.  Scrubbing is a treatment that involves exfoliating the skin to shed of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. This is done by applying natural abrasive ingredients (at Clean Beauty Swiss we use sea salt, sugar and coffee grounds) on the skin to clean and essentially polish it.

Scrubs are proven to provide numerous health benefits for your skin. If you are still not using a scrub, you are surely missing out on the amazing benefits other skin care products won’t provide.

Scrubs give you a youthful glow

As we grow older, our cell regeneration process slows down. The body becomes slower in shedding its dead skin cells and in generating new ones. The accumulation of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin leaves the skin looking dry and uneven.

This layer of dead skin cells leaves your face looking grey and tired.  Fine lines and wrinkles are much more pronounced and those pesky sun spots are darker.  By using a scrub consistently cells regenerate faster, collagen production is improved and skin looks glowing and younger.

Exfoliating makes facial treatments more effective

You can use all the expensive creams, serums and miracle oils all you want but it will be wasted money if you haven’t exfoliated properly.  Those dead cells will absorb all of the product like a sponge, and little if any will actually reach the healthy skin underneath.

Ask any esthetician, the first step in any skin care routine is to exfoliate properly. Using a scrub regularly will not only leave your skin smooth and refined, it will also give you that youthful glow naturally.


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When you use a face scrub, dead skin cells are removed making it easier for skin moisturizers to be absorbed into the healthy skin. In addition, using a scrub gets rid of the accumulated impurities (pollution, makeup, etc.) on the skin’s surface leaving it clean and fresh. With your pores open and circulation improved, skin moisturizers and anti-cellulite treatments can now effectively penetrate the skin.


A scrub is highly recommended for an express facial to give you that refreshed complexion without spending up to an hour on custom facial.

Dry and chapped lips, try a good lip scrub that contains sugar (Peppermint Vanilla or Cinnamon Sugar would be perfect from Clean Beauty Swiss) to gently exfoliate away the dry skin. Chapped lips are covered in dry skin which prevents the healing ingredients in lip balms to take full effect.

Scrubs improve your complexion

It breaks my heart to see young beautiful women using harsh and damaging cleansers to stop breakouts and then using bleaches and other harsh treatments to get rid of acne scars. A scrub brightens your skin naturally by exfoliating dead skin cells giving you a vibrant and bright complexion.

The first step in battling acne and breakouts is to use a gentle scrub consistently.  One of the main contributors of acne is the overproduction of oil or sebum.  If your skin is covered by a layer of dead skin cells, the fresh skin underneath can actually be dehydrated! This signals the body to produce more sebum, which then gets trapped under the dead skin… and pimples and clogged pores are inevitable.

If acne and blemishes have left their mark  by way of scars and dark spots on your face, a consistent scrub can help diminish those pesky reminders! Using a scrub improves circulation – bringing oxygenated and nutrient rich blood flow to the skin’s surface.  In addition, it helps stimulate collagen production which will help erase those annoying little scars.

Scrubs improve self-tanning

Exfoliation is paramount in prolonging your tan. This is all the more important if you use self-tanner. We all know it’s a healthier alternative to a regular tan… but we also know the potential disaster that a self-tan can create!

To achieve a good tan, you are absolutely must exfoliate your body with a good scrub first. This will get rid of the of the dead skin cells which absorb the tanning solution like a sponge – resulting in a less than natural, splotchy tan.  By exfoliating regularly, and using a scrub that leaves your skin hydrated and silky, your tan will stay golden and glowing. I recommend you use a scrub several times a week for a radiant and long-lasting tan.

A scrub is easy to use

A good scrub not only contains exfoliating agents but also good moisturizing agents to give you smooth and radiant skin. I have met so many people who are afraid it will hurt, who simply say they don’t know how to use them.

After washing and shampooing, etc., either turn the water off (best environmental choice) or get out of the stream of the shower.  Starting from your feet and working your way up, taking small amounts of scrub at a time, apply in a circular motion.  Don’t forget to scrub the bottoms of your feet, knees, elbows and concentrate on butt and breasts for extra toning and firming!

Your scrub should be hydrating and should leave your skin feeling fresh and clean.  If it scratches, or leaves you feeling itchy or dry you need to find another scrub. It should streamline your beauty routine and be easy to use like Clean Beauty Swiss scrubs.

Now get out there and start polishing that gorgeous skin!


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