8 Reasons to Use Coffee to Exfoliate

A coffee skin polish (skin polishes exfoliate like a scrub but are more gentle and deeply moisturize your skin) can do so many things for your skin - I honestly have never come across a more versatile, useful skin product… and I have a bathroom full of tests and trials.

How I Discovered Coffee for my Skin

I first discovered this amazing, all natural beauty booster 10 years ago. When my first son was born, I desperately wanted to get my pre-baby body back (sound familiar?). But I also knew that we wanted to start trying for another baby pretty quickly so I wanted to keep my skin care routine as clean and pure as possible.

Meanwhile, like most new moms I was struggling to find the time to care for myself when my baby needed me all the time. My beauty routine pre-baby involved 5-10 products on any given night and required 20 minutes or so after my shower. Impossible to maintain once I became a mother.

So, I set off to simplify my beauty routine and after about a year, finally found my secret recipe for a skin polish that I could use at the end of my shower every day that would leave my skin glowing and deeply hydrated.

I was able to eliminate all other creams and lotions not only making my beauty routine faster and easier, but it was now 100% natural.

Woman using Coffee Ginger Skin Polish on her legs


By adding freshly ground coffee to my skin polishes (and then either organic ginger powder or organic chili pepper) I was able to increase its skin tightening effect. It helped me to get through breast feeding without completely deflating my breasts and kept my stomach and hips stretch mark free during my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies.

8 Benefits of Coffee Skin Polishes

After researching all of the benefits of coffee & caffeine in beauty products, read on to see 8 of its many benefits:

  1. Coffee Ginger skin polish reduces cellulite. Cellulite is essentially fat tissue which is stored near the skin surface. Regular application of a coffee skin polish will draw out some of the water retention in that fat tissue. It is important to note that it will not remove the fat, but it will reduce the dimpled look on skin.
  2. Red, irritated skin making you nuts? As much as coffee is known as a stimulant, it has an opposite effect when applied on your skin. Coffee is soothing and a powerful anti-inflammatory making it perfect to treat angry skin. It will decrease redness, inflammation and puffiness.
  3. Coffee skin polishes, used consistently, will reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Stretch marks are tears in the skin epidermis caused by stretching or shrinking the skin too quickly. It is most common from body changes caused by pregnancy, weight gain or loss, and even growth spurts. Using a coffee skin polish helps to lighten those pesky stretch marks for several reasons - exfoliating with coffee will stimulate collagen in the area, helping to repair the damage from the inside. In addition, coffee is full of antioxidants which further repair damaged skin.
  4. Caffeine can help reduce puffiness in your face. As a new mother I spent many nights awake with not so sleepy babies. While I could usually sneak in some sleep the next day to help cancel exhaustion caused by the night before, my skin would usually need a bit more attention. When I don’t get enough sleep my face becomes puffy and bloated. Using coffee always helped! Coffee constricts the blood vessels in your face which can decrease puffiness and decrease redness.
  5. Coffee increases collagen production. Collagen is responsible for keeping our skin firm and toned. Unfortunately, as we age, collagen production is reduced every year. To make matters even worse, collagen cannot be applied to the skin. Or better, it does nothing when applied to your skin - its molecules are too large to penetrate the skin surface. So, save your money on expensive face creams with dubious claims.
  6. Does healthy, glowing skin sound good to you? Coffee, when applied to your skin, stimulates the circulation of blood moving through your veins. By increasing blood circulation you encourage nutrient rich, freshly oxygenated blood flow to the skin surface. 
  7. The antioxidants present in coffee will help to repair and protect your skin from harmful UV rays and pollution. Our skin is damaged by free radicals every day. That damage leads to the signs of aging. By increasing the amount of antioxidants both consumed (lots of fresh fruit is key) and applied can not only protect the daily effect of free radicals on your skin, but they can actually help repair damage already done.
  8. Coffee is biodegradable and 100% natural. It’s a dirty little secret of the skincare industry, but many scrubs and exfoliants actually contain microbeads. Rather than using a natural ingredient as the exfoliant - at Clean Beauty Swiss I use ingredients like sugar, salt and coffee - they often use manufactured tiny plastic beads to ‘exfoliate’. Not only are these microbeads ineffective at exfoliating - they actually just scratch your skin and cause tiny tears instead of removing dead skin cells. But they also end up in our water. They are not biodegradable and fill our lakes, rivers and oceans with these tiny beads that pollute our water.

The Point Is...

As you can see, coffee in skin care is a powerful ingredient. The most important benefit is the way it increases circulation. It brings oxygenated, nutrient rich blood flow to the skin surface. Your skin will be noticeably firmer and with a healthy glow (even without makeup) if you can create a consistent, daily habit of using my Coffee Ginger or Coffee Chili Pepper Skin Polishes. 

Think of it as a daily dose of coffee for your skin.