Coffee is a Skincare Superhero

Coffee In Skincare Does AMAZING Things!


Regular exfoliation is fundamental to any skin care routine. Today I’d like to remind you why this is such a powerful and undervalued step - and to show you how simple coffee grounds can be used to increase the power of this simple step.

By including coffee in your exfoliation you can tone and firm skin, reduce wrinkles, clear up acne, eliminate cellulite and even get brighter and fresher eyes! 

Let’s review the benefits of regular exfoliation before going any further.

Our skin cells are in a constant cycle of regeneration, around 200 MILLION skin cells die every single day! We lose so many skin cells that scientists have studied how we can possibly lose so many while the skin still remains intact! But that’s a different blog!

So, we have this insane number of dead skin cells each day that remain on the surface of our skin. They naturally shed and fall off through routine activity such as getting dressed, drying off after the shower etc. Essentially every time your skin rubs against something you eliminate some of those dead cells.

If you do not manually exfoliate - which is the process of manually removing the outermost layer of dead cells, it takes your body over a month for your skin to renew itself.

As we age this process slows down and that cycle is even longer. So, what’s the problem you might ask…

This layer of dead skin cells leaves your skin dull, uneven and makes fine lines more noticeable. Not cool right?

What’s worse - those pesky dead skin cells actually act like a sponge absorbing ALL of your expensive creams, lotions and serums stopping them from reaching the healthy fresh skin underneath where they should be working their magic.

So you are quite literally throwing away your skincare investment both regarding time and money!

The solution is to manually remove these dead skin cells frequently to allow the fresh healthy - and oh so glowy - ones to be seen.

Exfoliation has other very real, relevant benefits as well. It greatly improves circulation bringing more nutrient rich, oxygenated blood to the skin surface. It removes toxins caused by pollution, and keeps pores clean and minimized preventing acne breakouts.

You will see in most scrubs and skin polishes that sugar and/ or salt is used. The granules whisk away the dead skin cells without damaging the surface of your skin.

Today I’d like to add coffee grounds to the mix as an excellent exfoliator!

The powder of ground coffee is extremely soft - no scratchy edges to damage skin and it feels amazing as you apply it to your skin.

It gently yet very effectively exfoliates your skin so it is safe to use even every day.

But, let’s really go into detail as to just WHY it’s so incredible. The caffeine present in those coffee grounds has a pretty amazing effect on your skin. It will dilate the blood vessels underneath the skin’s surface. This increases your circulation even moreso than traditional exfoliants - the effect is a more radiant complexion, reduced cellulite, brighter eyes without any trace of puffy, dark circles, acne is calmed and even psoriasis and eczema can be improved.

5 Reasons to Use Coffee as an Exfoliant

1. A more radiant complexion

As winter gets longer and we spend less time outdoors our skin gets pasty and dull right? Exfoliation is a key to winter skincare to make sure that we hydrate as deeply as possible.

Adding coffee can really improve the look of your skin. As I said before, coffee dilates the blood vessels increasing circulation.

That will tighten and firm your skin (no saggy jawline or neck line here!), get rid of water retention and will overall give your skin that healthy golden glow that we all want! It stimulates collagen synthesis which will help plump up fine lines and add elasticity to your skin -  all fundamentals for a fierce anti age strategy!

2. Eliminate cellulite

The same increased circulation that helps us get a golden glow on our faces can help reduce cellulite on our bodies. By tightening and firming our skin, cellulite is less visible. The tighter your skin, the less likely that orange peel skin will be noticeable. In addition, as we all know, coffee is a diuretic. When we drink it, water retention is reduced. The exact same thing happens when we apply it to our skin. The simple act of applying caffeine to our skin will help eliminate water retention which is a major factor in cellulite!

3. Gets rid of undereye dark circles and eye bags

The double bang of increased circulation and its diuretic effect on our skin makes it a super power to use on our undereye area. Coffee is delicate enough that you can make a simple paste of coffee grounds and whatever oil you have available - olive oil, almond oil, whatever you have already at home is fine - and gently apply it along your eye bone in a tapping movement so as not to pull the skin. Leave it on for 10-20 minutes and your eyes will be so bright and so refreshed you won’t believe it!

4. Helps prevent acne breakouts

Coffee as an exfoliant is extremely gentle and delicate. If you have acne prone skin this is critical - when your skin is prone to breakouts it’s important to treat it even more gently. If you irritate your skin it will create more sebum in response and you will encourage pimples to form. So, using coffee to keep your pores open and clean is step number one. In addition, coffee is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Both are critical to keeping your skin calm and happy.

5. Relieves eczema and psoriasis

Coffee is actually quite calming for your skin. When painful skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis drive you nuts, coffee helps with the inflammation. In addition the increased circulation may help heal open sores and tender skin.

If you are interested in using coffee to exfoliate, try one of my amazing Coffee Skin Polishes! They have been specifically designed for the busy mom - in less than 2 minutes at the end of your shower and are meant to be used every single day! No need to plan, no room to forget - at the end of your shower, massage it into your clean skin quickly, rinse and go! You are ready to get dressed and go - no massaging sticky cream or lotion.

In 2 formulations, Coffee Ginger, full of antioxidants and Coffee Chili Pepper which will really get your circulation pumping!