Easy Cellulite Tips for the Busy Mom

Before I get into any of my tips to disguise or minimize I want to make one thing perfectly clear - IT IS NORMAL TO HAVE CELLULITE! In fact more than 80% of women have cellulite - so it’s actually more normal to HAVE it than not.

You are perfect just the way you are and this article is in no way trying to convince you that you HAVE to do something about it. I am writing this based on the reality that it is a point of concern for many women.

If I can help get you off the lounge chair and into the water with your family I've got your back friend!!

Cellulite is simply the orange-peel dimpled skin that is the result of fat cells pushing through the connective tissue of your skin. There are a few things that make it more visible - as we age our skin has less elasticity and those bumps are more visible. Dehydration, poor circulation in your legs and water retention are all factors that can make it more visible as well.

Ok, having said that, let’s get into it now!

8 Ways to Reduce Cellulite (Even When Living Your Best Mom Life)

Massage - yes mamma you can and should splurge on yourself

We are all living a more sedentary lifestyle (even though picking up dirty socks all day could be considered cardio), especially if you work at a computer. This sedentary lifestyle is causing our circulation to slow down.

Lymphatic massages can help boost your circulation and break up frustrating cellulite.

While going to a certified specialist is the best course of action, you can do this at home as well!

While in the shower as you apply soap or your favorite Clean Beauty Swiss Skin Polish (wink), wrap your hands around your ankle, thumbs together in front and the rest of your fingers gently pressing flatly on the muscles. Glide your hands from ankle to hip several times.

Do this several times a day for improved circulation and to reduce water retention.

Coffee Based Skin Polishes - more proof that coffee is life

Caffeine increases circulation, while toning and firming your skin. By using a skin polish frequently (a skin polish, as opposed to a scrub, will not only exfoliate but it also hydrates your skin) your skin will be firmer and more toned. 

Here at Clean Beauty Swiss, I have created 2 different coffee skin polishes (Wake Me Up Before You Go Go - Coffee Ginger and Spice Up Your Life Coffee Chili Pepper) which exfoliate and hydrate while increasing the circulation of oxygenated, nutrient rich blood to the skin’s surface. The addition of organic ginger and organic chili pepper (respectively) increase the circulation-boosting effect of the caffeine.

I developed them specifically for the busy world of motherhood. In just 2 minutes at the end of your shower, gently massage onto skin, rinse and you are ready to get back at it mamma!

Collagen Supplements - easy to fit into Mom Life!

Collagen is a main building block for bones, muscles, and skin among other things. It is also responsible for keeping our skin plump and firm, preventing sagging, thinner skin.

One of the main reasons we notice cellulite more as we age is because our skin is gradually becoming thinner as collagen production slows down.

Taking collagen peptide supplements can help! Not only will it improve the look and feel of your skin, but it can help maintain bone density and prevent joint pain. Check out your local pharmacy or online. If you check out Amazon.com you have a huge selection.

Self Tan - yes mamma you CAN do this!

Your skin just always looks better with a bit of a glow. Self tanning is the safest way to get some color and today’s products are a million times better than a few years ago.

If you’ve never tried it, this is the year to go for it!

You could get a spray tan, but #momlife might make that difficult to schedule and it is obviously more expensive than doing it yourself at home.

I recommend using a gradual self tanner. They are applied like a lotion and because it gradually builds the color any errors are less noticeable.

Tips for the newbies - ALWAYS exfoliate beforehand. ALWAYS. This is going to seem like a shameless plug but I swear that Clean Beauty Swiss Skin Polishes were actually made to make self tanning easier. They hydrate your skin and the tanner will glide on much more uniformly and evenly.

I always use latex gloves so that my hands don’t get stained. After applying (don’t forget your ears or the back of your neck) take off the gloves carefully and then using a cotton disk, carefully apply tanner to the backs of your hands, being careful to apply very lightly.

Quit Cigarettes

Smoking is actually a major cellulite creator. Not only does cigarette smoking further slow the production of collagen, but it also affects circulation and lymphatic drainage… the result, cellulite is much more noticeable. There are so many reasons to quit - it’s time!

Reduce Alcohol Consumption - only for the most dedicated

Ok, let's be real here... I feel compelled to include avoiding alcohol because it really can make a difference. That being said, that glass of Chardonnay is not in and of itself going to make a HUGE difference. Remember, it's about balance, not killing yourself for perfection.

Alcohol is plays a role in the formation of cellulite. 

Alcohol will dehydrate your skin and rob vital nutrients and antioxidants which keep your skin toned and firm. When your skin is dehydrated it means that cellulite is more visible.

Alcohol has an incredibly high sugar content. Excess sugar gets stored in our fat deposits making them even more stubborn and noticeable. Those fat deposits caused by alcohol tend to be concentrated in our stomach, hips, thighs and arms.

Raw Foods - finish off your kids’ carrot sticks!

Add as many raw fruits and vegetables as possible to your diet.

This is just a great move for several reasons. By way of this added consumption, you will be adding powerful antioxidants to your diet which heal and protect your skin.

In addition, the added water content will keep you better hydrated and added fruits and vegetables actually increase collagen production!

Epsom Salt Baths - my personal favorite

Epsom salt is a mineral compound of magnesium, sulfate and oxygen. It has been credited with easing aches and pains and detoxifying your skin. Just add a cupful of Epsom salt to a warm bath and relax for 20 minutes. 


These are some great tried and true tips for reducing cellulite and making you feel more at ease popping on that bathing suit while the kids play with water balloons on the balcony! 

I cannot emphasize enough that cellulite is perfectly normal. It really is. I hope that this article has helped to give you realistic steps you can take to reduce its effect on your self worth.

In the end taking just a few minutes a day to pamper yourself and making healthier choices in your life overall will have a much greater impact than anything else. 

Take care gorgeous moms - until next time, make yourself a priority… even if just for a few minutes a day!

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