How to Get the Best Wax Ever

It’s bathing suit season! For most women that means having a fixed appointment at the esthetician for regular waxing. Most women have a love hate relationship with waxing – while it means smooth, hair free skin for weeks, it can be painful and expensive. By exfoliating regularly you can make your wax last so much longer and I promise it will even be less painful!

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There are 2 notable types of ‘waxing’ – there is the traditional hot wax found in most beauty salons, and there is an ancient natural form of hair removal using a sugar paste. Both methods work on the same principle – the substance attaches to the hair and the esthetician rips out your body hair from the root. The benefit of waxing is that hair regrowth tends to be much slower as opposed to more superficial methods such as shaving or depilation creams that just remove hair above the skin’s surface.

Sugaring is an ancient middle eastern tradition – women would remove all body hair by using a homemade paste made from sugar and water. This method is natural, and much more gentle on your skin. If waxing tends to be extremely painful or if you suffer from breakouts and ingrown hairs after, you absolutely MUST try sugaring. I highly recommend searching out a sugaring center to remove hair from delicate areas – I promise it is life changing if you dread getting your bikini done! Also for my pregnant clients I always suggest sugaring as it is so much less painful on your delicate pregnant skin.

Before Wax Appointment

Exfoliation before your waxing is absolutely critical. In the week before you go for your waxing appointment, use a great hydrating scrub – like Clean Beauty Swiss Coffee Ginger to remove the accumulation of dead skin cells. As your esthetician spreads wax over your skin, the objective is for the wax to get as close to the hair’s root as possible – and to then pull it from the root. This gives you smoother skin for much longer. If you skip your scrub, that wax isn’t going to be as close to the root and you risk the hair breaking in half which is going to guarantee that you will have visible hair within days.

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In addition to helping the wax itself be more effective, by gently removing that layer of dead skin cells, your wax is actually going to hurt much less. You see, wax attaches itself to everything, that’s the point. So, when you use a wax, it not only attaches to body hair, it sticks to your skin as well. Literally ripping off dead skin cells in one go is much more traumatic for your skin and risks damaging healthy skin underneath. Instead opt to exfoliate regularly and gradually get rid of those dead cells.

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After Wax Appointment

Regular exfoliating AFTER your wax is absolutely critical to keeping your skin free from ingrown hairs and keeping it glowing and hair free as long as possible. As your hair starts to grow back it is generally finer and weaker.  When you allow dead skin cells to accumulate on the skin’s surface, it creates a blockage that the new hair will have difficulty breaking through.  This is how ingrown hairs form – as the hair tries to break through the surface of your skin, it has difficulty doing so and it basically gets stuck and grows sideways under the skin surface. The hair continues to grow, but it is not able to break through the skin’s surface creating inflammation and possibly even infection.

The worst of these areas is the bikini zone. By using a natural, hydrating scrub you ensure that the newly grown hair will be able to grow without becoming stuck. You would be amazed such a simple thing as exfoliating makes such a HUGE difference.

So, this summer don’t forget your scrub! Make sure you choose one that is gentle but effective – if it feels scratchy while you rub it on, it’s not a very good scrub. It should also leave your skin hydrated and glowing. When you exfoliate your skin it needs to be hydrated immediately – Clean Beauty Swiss scrubs are all formulated with coconut oil to leave your skin soft and silky, never sticky.