Looking Past Covid-19

Let’s Be Better and Stronger After It’s All Over

I have a couple of blogs ready and waiting to be posted.  But now, in this moment, I doubt any of you really give a damn about stretchmarks or cellulite.

I certainly couldn’t care less in this moment.  I need to digest what is happening, in Italy, the country that is my heart and soul and where my beloved mother in law, sister in law and her family are all in lockdown. In Switzerland which is my home, the perfect country to raise my children and to live. My birthplace, USA, where all of my family and childhood friends still live. Obviously, add the rest of the world into the mix and it is mind numbingly stressful.

My husband and I decided on Monday (9/3) night that we would isolate ourselves as of Wednesday, giving notice to our children’s teachers that they would no longer be in school.  Advising all of the various coaches, trainers, specialists, and painfully, my manicures and other ‘vital’ appointments.  And so, since Wednesday morning, we are closed in a 125sq meter apartment.

Not a choice any parent would make lightly, and frankly, not something I could ever have imagined making.

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I have always been fascinated with how these moments are overcome. Often, as we might be driving through countryside in Italy, I imagine what those fields may have seen. As an American here in Europe, to think that World Wars have literally been fought on this soil is beyond humbling.

My mother in law was a little girl during the war.  She lived just outside of Milan, which was heavily attacked and bombed.  I have often asked her about her memories of that period. She tells me how she and her brother never lacked for food.  As she remembers now, her parents often went hungry however. The neighbors used to help, bringing vegetables when they could.  She was too little to really absorb the horrors happening in her backyard.

My children are very much aware of Covi-19.  They spoke about it at school. They learned how to wash their hands. In fact, their hands are still red and raw from the disinfectant that they had to use at the school cafeteria. I worry about them being traumatized, being scared. I check in with each of them every day asking if they are scared, what they are thinking. They worry about their grandparents, they miss their friends.

And so we talk, we go for walks, we fight and we laugh.

This too shall pass.

My kids will probably always remember this moment, but if my mother in law can survive wartime Milan, my children will be fine.

I am slowly getting to the point of accepting this as our reality, I no longer am fixated on Facebook debating isolation, how contagious it is, etc.  We are doing what we feel is the most responsible thing, only time will tell what the right thing to do was.

But we must look forward as well.

This too shall pass.

We will eventually leave the house, enjoy the summer sunshine, feel warm sand in our toes.  In the meantime, I am making the most of my time at home (when I’m not breaking up wrestling matches between my kids).

The universe is forcing us to take time for ourselves. It is no longer a luxury – it’s an obligation. We have to stay strong to help those around us when they need us. As women, as mothers, it is our eternal role, to be the pillar of strength and peace for our loved ones.

So, I will start sharing DIY home remedies – masks for your face, hair, hands, etc.

I promise they will be thing easy to find – no Amazonian white clay here! I’m talking eggs, honey, sugar… staples you already have in your pantry!

This too shall pass.

Let’s be ready.  When we can open the doors, hug our friends and family and run freely outside, let’s be our best selves! Let’s learn how to carve out 10/15 minutes for ourselves each day. Let’s learn how to make it a habit, how to make it part of our daily lives. It’s not as hard as you think. And together, may we lift one another up and enjoy taking truly good care of ourselves naturally.

Stay safe my lovelies, much love to all of you and your families, you are all in my thoughts and prayers.

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