Scrub for a Gorgeous Tan

Bathing suit season is almost here.

As summer gets closer, it’s important to clear up some misinformation about using scrubs in the summer months. Using a scrub regularly will give you the healthiest most golden tan ever – I promise!

I remember when I worked as an esthetician and suggested to my clients the importance of using a scrub in summer I always got the same response – NO WAY, it will make my tan disappear!!! Nothing could be further from the truth, let me explain.

Exfoliate, Protect, Hydrate

As you gradually build that tan this formula needs to be repeated often! You need to exfoliate to make sure that you do not develop that dreaded thick layer of dead skin cells. Again, they dull your tan and if left unchecked, will peel off leaving spots and white patches.

Next phase is protection – it is absolutely mandatory to use a sunscreen with SPF of at least 30 all over your body every time you are out in the sun. You will still tan, and your tan will last much longer and be much more beautiful.

And finally, hydrating is the final most important step. Along with fun in the sun, generally there is either chlorine or salt water stripping your skin of moisture. This is where Clean Beauty Swiss can really help. The scrubs are delicate enough to use every day (I brought mine with me on vacation at the beach last year!), and leave your skin hydrated and silky…. No need for sticky creams and lotions that are so annoying to use in warm weather.

girl in a bikini sitting in the sand

A No Risk Glow

I am and will forever be a California girl. In my heart and mind summer is all about a golden tan. But with a family history of skin cancer, and a personal history of not wearing sunscreen, I now always wear SPF 50 on my naturally white skin.

To compensate, I am a huge self-tan fan! So, to get my glow as natural looking as possible, and avoid orange spots, I always exfoliate before applying. Clean Beauty Swiss scrubs are perfect – they are all natural so the risk of creating an irritating combination with the self-tanner is nill. The greatest advantage is that by leaving my skin hydrated, the self-tanner glides on more evenly and with less work! It’s a total win!!!

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Your Wax Lasts Longer

An underappreciated benefit of regular scrubbing is your pre bikini waxing. By removing that thick layer of dead skin cells you allow the wax to get even closer to the hair follicle. Seems like a small detail right? If the wax doesn't get right down to the hair follicle, rather than ripping out the entire hair leaving you smooth for up to 6 weeks, that hair will break off mid-shaft sending you back to the esthetician alot sooner!

A lovely summer tan needs to be hair free. Make that wax last longer by exfoliating a few times in the week before your appointment.

Keep Skin Soft

During the summer months, our skin thickens and easily peels. That skin peeling off is a layer of dead dry skin. By using a scrub, specifically a hydrating scrub like Clean Beauty Swiss’ collection, will keep your skin soft and healthy. It actually prevents those sheets of skin that cause blotches and ruin your tan.

By removing dead lifeless skin cells it allows for healthy fresh ones to create melanin which is what gives you color. We all know that the only way we should be having fun in the sun is with an SPF of at least 30 – your healthy, active skin cells will produce melanin even with sunscreen. Layering your tan in gradual steps will ensure a deep beautiful tan that lasts weeks after you hang up your bikini.

woman walking on beach in a sarong and big hat

More skin on display

With the summer weather out come tank tops, maxi dresses and short shorts. A scrub not only helps to make sure your tan is in great shape, but it will help your skin in general. Do you worry about annoying little bumps on the back of your arms? A little break out of your back?

Regular exfoliation will keep your skin in top shape so that you can show off that tan without worrying about anything else being on display.

Clean Beauty Swiss scrubs are all natural and delicate enough to use every day. Each one is handmade with carefully selected ingredients. Give it a try this summer! You will still see that golden tan well into September if you take care of your skin by exfoliating, wearing your sunscreen and keeping your skin hydrated and glowing!