Skincare shouldn’t be another job

It’s Not You, it’s the product

I just watched a Youtube video detailing a skincare routine for mature skin. There were 9 different products to apply. Between each and every product the influencer tells me that I need to wait about 5 minutes for the product to fully absorb into the skin.

My ‘mom-brain’ quickly calculated that to do just the minimum according to this tutorial, I need to budget at least 45 minutes to cleanse and moisturize my skin every morning.

I can completely understand why so many moms have completely given up on any form of skincare routine.

With the information on the internet, from your aesthetician and from the sales girls, it is literally a full time job to simply do the minimum. And that is only taking into account the investment of your time, not the actual financial investment they are insisting you need to make.

I believe skincare should be a pleasure, something you actually look forward to doing, to treating yourself. It just shouldn’t be so complicated right?
Let me tell you about one of my most memorable skincare disasters!

I Was Stuck in the bathroom for an hour

I was a typical bride to be. I was doing everything I could to be ready for my wedding and to be in the best shape possible for my honeymoon on the beaches of Bali.

As much as I was working out and dieting, I was unhappy that I still had some cellulite on my legs and decided to invest in a product to make it disappear.

So, I headed to the nearest pharmacy to buy ‘Italy’s Number 1’ anti-cellulite cream. I was filled with optimism and knew that it was going to work it’s magic - I had been told by the countless advertisements I had seen and the fact that thousands of women noticed a huge improvement in their skin (again, as the advertisement said). Hook. Line. And sinker, they got me.

So I got home and quickly opened the box and geeked out on the instructions. I had bought the version that was to be applied morning and night and the doses were individually portioned already. OK, perfect! Morning and night one little packet of cream.

I could not wait for my shower that evening! I excitedly opened the packet and poured out exactly half of the cream into my hands. I was literally doing 6 hours of anticellulite massage a day at my spa so I absolutely knew what I was doing. This was going to be AWESOME!

As I began rubbing the cream in I noticed a problem immediately - this anticellulite cream had the same texture as toothpaste. No, really.

I began massaging, and I massaged, and rubbed and then began to pray and beg.

It would not penetrate my skin! I was literally stuck in my bathroom with both of my thighs and my whole butt completely covered in this sticky cream. My only thought was ‘what the f*** do I do now?’ I was a bit panicked but there was nothing to do but to keep going right?

My now husband came to check on me after about 30 minutes to see if I had fainted or something. He opened the door, saw that I was in a desperate state, and just as quickly closed the door disappearing into his world of male ignorant bliss!

I was finally sort of free after 50 minutes. I say sort of free because it still hadn’t fully absorbed. But having my pijamas sticking to me was a small price to pay for freedom!

Now, for this magical cream to actually work, I had to do this morning and night for the next 2 weeks. 28 applications…. by my calculations that was close to 2 hours each and every day to see results.

You can see where this is going right? I was able to apply it correctly for 3-4 days, and then for some reason I skipped a day. I was so cruel to myself, calling myself lazy and disorganized. How could I expect this magical cream to work if I lacked the discipline and organization to spend almost 1 hour morning and night applying it.

I half heartedly began applying it again, so upset with myself for being lazy. I actually bought another box of this anticellulite cream convinced that I would have to re-apply those first 3-4 days because I interrupted the treatment.

I think I threw away that damned box when we moved from Milan to Lugano.

Mother and baby, mom with green face mask that child is playing with

You Don’t Need to work that hard

Your skincare routine should always work within your schedule and your life. There is no point in buying all the products if just the sight of them in your bathroom makes you panic.

I believe in simplicity in skincare. The best skincare routine you could create for yourself is the one that you can maintain day after day.

My bathroom cabinets and drawers are FULL of my failures. I am a beauty product junkie, I love them. But I rarely am able to consistently apply 90% of the products I buy. It’s a problem.

And when I’m not able to maintain these unrealistic routines, I don’t ever blame the product. I blame myself. I call myself lazy, wasteful, foolish and on and on.

And that’s why I decided to start Clean Beauty Swiss.

I wanted to create a line of skin polishes that work on both face and body.

A product that can be used everyday so that you don’t have to create an entry in your Google calendar to remember when to use it.

A product that gives you amazing results from the first time you use it, leaving your skin soft and glowing in only 1 minute at the end of your shower.

A skincare product made by a woman, a mother, who deeply understands how the necessity of a skincare product complementing the lifestyle of a busy mother, without adding another to-do to her already endless list. 

I wanted to create a product that brought a moment of relaxation and pampering, not another failure sitting on her shower shelf making her feel guilty.

You deserve to feel beautiful and you deserve to pamper yourself, stress free.

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