Sun Kissed Skin After Summer Has Ended

5 Ways You Can Maintain Your Summer Skin Past September

Wish you knew how to keep that gorgeous sun kissed look a bit longer? Just because summer is ending and your vacation is over doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to losing that tan right away!

By using the following suggestions, you can have golden skin all the way into fall with just a little effort on your part!

Use a self-tanner

Now that you are tanned, adding a little bit of self-tanner works wonders! Just add a small drop to your night cream and a few drops to your body creams to help keep your skin golden and bronzed well into fall.


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Now is the perfect time to try self tanners if you have always been afraid of leaving your skin full of stains. Since your skin already has a bit of color, any streaks or brown spots will be much less notable!

But before using a self tanner a few pieces of advice — ALWAYS exfoliate before you apply, and always wash the palms of your hands really well after applying.

Take Showers Instead of Long Baths 

While a long bath is one of my favorite things in the world, it actually will shorten the life of your golden tan. By soaking for a long time, you actually increase the speed of exfoliation.

In addition, that long bath dries out your skin much more so than a quick warm (not hot) shower. Try incorporating oil based shower gels as an added hydration booster.

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate

You absolutely must keep tanned skin hydrated. It is equally important that you hydrate both from within and by applying something directly to your skin to keep it soft and glowing.

When your skin gets dry, that sun kissed glow goes from golden to grey and ashy. By keeping your skin hydrated, your skin is fresher and glowing.

Hydrating from within is a key component to keeping your skin soft and healthy. Plus, if you are anything like me, a detox from all of the summer indulgences is necessary. The most basic way to hydrate is to drink at least 2 liters of water a day. If you don’t like plain water, try drinking coconut water. It not only helps you to hydrate more effectively, but it is full of rich minerals and antioxidants. Add half a lemon and a few ice cubes and VOILA’, just like that cocktail you drank on the beach this summer… ok, not the same thing but it’s going to make you feel so much better!


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As for keeping your body hydrated, obviously there are millions of creams, body butters and lotions on the market. I personally avoid them — they are often full of alcohol which dries your skin out. Plus, they are usually full of parabens and other toxic ingredients.Keeping your skin hydrated externally can be done in several ways.

Try using thermal water face misters — you can find them even in the supermarket now! These misters spray a fine mist of thermal water and are great for a quick pick me up. I use mine after using my toner before applying my face cream. It just gives my skin an extra bit of moisture that helps it stay glowing. Also a great tool to have if you work in an office that has air conditioning which can dry your skin out.

Instead of a regular shower gel which can be very drying to your skin, use an oil based shower gel. Bear in mind there is almost no foam but it is the best option to keep moisture in your skin!

At the end of your shower, try using a hydrating scrub like the ones from Clean Beauty Swiss. They are made with coconut oil which penetrates and hydrates your skin deep down. They are 100% natural and you will not need to use lotions or creams after your shower.


This is probably the most controversial of all of the suggestions. Trust me!!! Regular exfoliation WILL NOT WASH AWAY YOUR TAN — I promise you! It will actually have the opposite effect — by regularly removing those dead skin cells that leave your tan dull, grey and ashy, your skin will stay sun kissed and golden much longer.

The key is to always use a gentle, hydrating exfoliator. There are also loofahs, exfoliating gloves and dry brushes available. All do a great job of exfoliating, but will leave your skin dry, it is very important to apply a cream or oil after using.

Clean Beauty Swiss scrubs are the perfect combination of exfoliant and hydration. The scrubs are perfect to remove dead skin cells with sugar, salt, coffee grounds among other ingredients. They uniformly and gently reveal fresh heathy skin. Plus they are all coconut oil based leaving that fresh new skin hydrated and glowing.


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Natural Oils

By using natural vegetable based oils — think almond oil, coconut oil, carrot oil and the like, you can hydrate your skin deep down. These natural options are easy to find now, even in the supermarket. They help to maintain soft skin and are full of antioxidants to combat the signs of aging.

Just remember, a little usually goes a long way. Use just a few drops at a time gently massaging into your skin.


As you can see the basics of keeping your tan well into fall basically comes down to hydrating and exfoliating. 

All things considered these are the keys to keeping your skin healthy and soft all year long! Think about really making the effort this fall — once you develop these habits you won’t be able to live without the benefits.

Your skin will not only look good, but it will feel so amazing! 

And isn’t what a beauty routine should be about?