The beginning...

The beginning…

I grew up in Southern California — beauty products and beauty treatments were part of the culture and the vernacular. I can still remember my very first fashion magazine, a subscription to YM from my aunt when I turned 13. I devoured those magazines — not for the fashion or love advice, but the beauty sections! I would test out the products they suggested, the treatments they promised would change my life! I always had a passion for the topic and over time compiled a virtual encyclopedia of random beauty tips, hacks and suggestions.

In 2009, now married and living in Milan, Italy, I opened a beauty spa along with my esthetician friend. In theory, I was to handle administration and reception because I was not an esthetician. As we studied products and learned about treatments we could offer, it quickly became clear that my DIY beauty education was far superior to my friend’s professional training! I became the product expert and spent my days performing facials, massages, and consultations — even sometimes suggesting natural remedies rather than buying the products I sold in house.

My son was born in 2010 and like most new mothers, I hoped to get my pre pregnancy body back like yesterday. At that point in my career I knew far too much! I searched for natural products to help get my pouchy belly back in shape but they were usually pretty gross with strange textures and smells. The lovely alternatives were full of toxins, parabens and because I was breastfeeding that was not an option for me. I then began researching natural alternatives and stumbled onto the benefits of coffee to tone and firm skin. I tried a few industrial coffee scrubs but was always left disappointed.

So, what’s a girl to do? Never being one to remain the damsel in distress, I decided to make my own!

I began experimenting, and experimenting… I noticed that the coffee really did have an incredible effect on toning my skin! It took me 2 years of experimenting to find the right combination of ingredients to make a lovely scrub experience, one which left my skin glowing and hydrated. I no longer needed to apply toxic creams or lotions after my shower. I was hooked. Suffice to say it’s been 7 years since I have taken a shower without using one of my scrubs at the end!

A few years ago, it was a lovely spring day. You know the ones at the very beginning of spring, the first hot day and I was at the park with a group of friends and our kids. I was the only one dressed for the weather in a tank top and cut off jeans, my friends were all sweating in pants and long sleeved shirts. They began noticing my skin and asked how on earth my skin could be so smooth, so even and so soft. And so I began explaining to them about the benefits of my scrubs and even shared my secret recipe — they looked at me as if I were an alien!

It was clear they had no desire to mix their own scrub so I began gifting them scrubs! They loved it! These very friends have since become my testers ; )

That is how Clean Beauty Swiss was born. My dream is to make every woman, no matter how busy, no matter how ‘unfamiliar’ with beauty treatments, fall in love with taking care of herself. Every woman DESERVES to feel beautiful. Every woman DESERVES to feel special. And that ladies and gentlemen is the core of Clean Beauty Swiss.