This Year I Resolve to Feel Good

 I Don't Even Know What Feels Good... 

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For the past year or so I have continued to have some problem or another health wise….

Nothing MAJOR, but dermatitis, vertigo, a stupid cold and random aches and pains that won’t go away things of that nature…. the kind of things that you are almost apologetic when you go to the doctor and after blood tests etc they just kind of shrug and say it’s from stress…

Now, if you know me I am the farthest thing from a stressed out person. I am a California girl to the core - always smiling, silver lining, take the positive, breathe you can do this kind of a person…. so I could never understand what the heck ‘stress related’ meant. I remember when I told my mother she just went ‘eh??? you? well what the heck does that mean?’ I mean my life is full, it’s hectic but stressful, no…

Now, I’ve done enough research into health to know that the number 1 killer in the world is stress. It can be traced back as the core of so many ailments from heart disease to cancer to diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and the list goes on. I have always thought of it as like a black mould for our body - if you don’t deal with it and get rid of it it becomes toxic and takes over everything.

So, I dutifully began researching stress relief and came upon yoga as having incredible stress relieving benefits. I prefer at home yoga (YouTube) because with 3 kids my schedule is all over the place and fitting in a class and the getting there and getting home time is complicated. By following online, take a break from my computer, pull up a video and bam, done and done!

My favorite yoghi is Adrienne Mishler, she is the host of Yoga with Adrienne and I HIGHLY recommend her especially if you have never done yoga - AMAZING…

Anyway, I love her because she chats during the lesson and some is really silly superficial stuff and sometimes she really makes you think. One of her favorite sayings, and she really should trademark it, is ‘Find what feels good’. Her whole concept is that I will teach you ‘the way’ to do it but it is YOUR prerogative, actually your RESPONSIBILITY to modify it to explore your body, and to find what feels good FOR YOU TODAY.

Find What Feels Good

And this got me thinking….. find what feels good. So simple yet What an amazing concept!

I am always trying to teach YOU to take care of yourself, to love yourself but maybe I need to take a step back… what EXACTLY feels good to me? and what EXACTLY does self care and self love mean?

Now, all of this self reflection happened in December when I usually am thinking about my New Year’s Resolutions…. I LOVE resolutions and I always make myself a set of objectives - lose x kilos, read x books a week, eat (or don’t eat) x and y, exercise x times a week doing y exercise….. I love me some charts so I get a schedule to print out and plug in all of the things so that I have a roadmap for January….

But I realized that each and every one of these choices was completely arbitrary, without any thought to me, my body or what I NEEDED… and eventually I would not have time, overdo things and get sick before the first month was over.

Listen to Your Body - Cut Through the Noise

So, what happens when we get to know ourselves again at 47 years old? What happens when we start getting rid of some of the noise that bombards us every day - all of the ‘experts’ telling us that we have to eat, exercise, behave in a certain way….

That is my Resolution this year…. get out of my way and understand what my body needs in the way of nourishment, exercise, products and even rest….

To play with combinations and see how I feel. And to only and exclusively do things that I love and that make me feel good.

Find Your Beautiful

Now, how does all of this relate to a beauty routine you may ask… well, for example I can’t even remember the last time I went to sleep without washing my face - it happens literally a maximum of 2 times a year. Why? Because I know how bad it is for me? NO - because I know how awful I feel the next day. My eyes are always itchy and swollen, my skin is red, blotchy and inflamed and for the next several days I have to deal with breakouts and angry skin. Whereas just taking the literally 1 minute to cleanse, dry and apply even in the least precise lazy way some cream makes me feel good! That’s why I do it, not because some aesthetician told me to do it, but because when I do it it really feels wonderful!

And that is what I hope you find in my skin polishes. They are really unique products specifically made to make you feel amazing! The end results - moisturized glowing skin, skin that is firm and toned and just so crazy smooth, those are all a bonus. But the REAL reason I use them every single shower, is because they make me feel so good!

I hope this year together we can help one another find what feels good.

In the meantime, take care and be well my friend 😘