When Life Gets Stressful

It's More Important than Ever to Take Care of YOU

Life gets stressful, it gets messy, laughable even! Most of the time when this happens, the majority of that stress falls on our shoulders.

Where do you find 5 minutes for yourself? Pampering - let's get real!

Kids and pets get sick. Errands need to be done. Doctor visits, sport programs, and with all this we still have work and house to maintain.

There isn't much time left to take care of ourselves right?

I get it, I really do. But I think in these moments more than ever it's critical to find 5 minutes in your day to take care of yourself. I developed Clean Beauty Swiss scrubs when I was in the middle of pregnancies, nursing and diapers!

These scrubs were developed for the woman who has no time to dedicate to a 'beauty ritual' - these scrubs were developed for the woman who has 6 minutes to jump in the shower, get out and get dressed.

Clean Beauty Swiss scrubs are so full of amazing perfumes, they leave your skin feeling incredible and you don't need more than 2 minutes at the end of your shower for soft, hydrated, glowing skin!

Check out my video to learn how I make sure I am always finding a way to take care of myself: