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by Kate Beard •

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5 Alternative Ways to Use Your Coffee Scrub

So, you have finally gotten into the habit of using a coffee scrub and are loving the results right? You skin is softer and firmer, cellulite is diminished and you have even been able to shelve that sticky body lotion for good! But, what if I told you that you are not using that coffee scrub to it's full potential? Coffee is one of the 'IT' natural beauty product right now, and for good reason! Coffee is a veritable superhero in the skin care world!  The caffeine stimulates circulation, this helps reduce cellulite, heal scars, reduce stretchmarks, tighten skin, reduce water retention, perk up a dull complexion and reduce under eye puffiness. In the fight against acne, coffee grounds in a scrub can make a huge difference.  Coffee is antibacterial and combined with its anti-inflammatory properties can help prevent and heal acne, acne scars and even wounds in general.