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by Kate Beard •

cellulite mom life

Easy Cellulite Tips for the Busy Mom

Before I get into any of my tips to disguise or minimize I want to make one thing perfectly clear - IT IS NORMAL TO HAVE CELLULITE! In fact more than 80% of women have cellulite - so it’s actually more normal to HAVE it than not. You are perfect just the way you are and this article is in no way trying to convince you that you HAVE to do something about it. I am writing this based on the reality that it is a point of concern for many women. If I can help get you off the lounge chair and into the water with your family I've got your back friend!! Cellulite is simply the orange-peel dimpled skin that is the result of fat cells pushing through the connective tissue of your skin. There are a few things that make it more visible - as we age our skin has less elasticity and those bumps are more visible. Dehydration, poor circulation in your legs and water retention are all factors that can make it more visible as well. Ok, having said that, let’s get into it now!