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The Clean Beauty Swiss Philosophy

Our scrubs are made by carefully selecting ingredients that are good for the body, nothing else. Found in nature, they nourish and regenerate our stressed skin. Absolutely free of preservatives, additives and always chemical free.

Clean Beauty never tests animals and our scrubs are 100% paraben free. There will never be microplastics or microspheres that are harmful to the environment.

Our goal is to be completely honest and transparent, each ingredient has its function and its purpose and will always be detailed in the product information so that each customer can choose the best scrub for his needs.

There's no reason why you can't pamper yourself, feel a little luxurious, and still be natural.




Who I am

My name is Kate and I grew up in Southern California with a passion for skin care and beauty products. I created my first scrub at the age of 14!

In 2008, I  opened my own beauty center in Milan, Italy. I learned so much about the industry and became incredibly cynical and skeptical about the use of harmful ingredients in beauty products. I continued to experiment with natural alternatives and created different versions of my sugar scrub.

After moving to Lugano in 2015, my friends often noticed my skin. So, I started to surprise them with my homemade scrubs. While using them they gave me continuous feedback, and it was at this point that I decided to create Clean Beauty Swiss and share my 100% natural scrubs with everyone.

I am a mother of three children and I understand how difficult it is to carve out some time  for ourselves and I also know how important it is. Clean Beauty Swiss scrubs are so easy to use - no long process, no sitting waiting for the product to work its magic ... just take a shower, after washing, quickly rub all over your body and rinse ... Literally only requires 30 seconds. 

Clean Beauty Swiss was created to take advantage of natural ingredients. There is no need for all the additives, chemicals and perfumes in our beauty products. And you don't have to sacrifice quality or luxury. I have created a line of products that make you feel so beautiful, so feminine and so wonderful.

Check out my Youtube video to see me talk about how it all began!